Long-term care

We will send you an experienced babysitter to take care of your children during the day and over a regular period. 
This type of acre will allow:

1.The child to remain in his/her environment
2. The child to evolve as per his/her rhythm
3. Flexibility around the parent’s respective timetables.
4. The child to develop a personal rapport with his/her nanny. The latter will establish a connection by playing, talking, feeding and taking the child out on. The nanny will hence contribute to the development of the child’s personality. 

Douce heure d’enfance commits itself to providing experienced nannies in accordance with your timetable.


This includes looking after your children whenever you need a night out, on an adhoc basis, during holidays or if your child cannot be taken care of by his/her usual carer. We are, indeed, only a phone call away and we will do everything to send you a babysitter who will look after your children with a smile. Do not hesitate contact us. We only need an intervention notice of two hours  Our service is for a minimum of 2 hours.

After school custody / accompaniment

This service is especially offered for working parents who cannot look after their children when they are out of school.
We will send an experienced nanny to accompany and look after your children after school hours and until your arrival back home.
Services included under this are:
1. taking your child to his/her extracurricular activities,
2. preparing their teatime supper,
3. helping him/her with schoolwork,
4. playing with him/her,
5. giving him/her a wash
6. preparing their dinner.

The daily welfare of your children is our priority.

Holidays accompaniment

You are about to go on holidays with the family and would wish to have a help along to take care of your children.
You are planning to spend your next holidays in Mauritius in one of our hotels or private residence and you wish to hire a babysitter.
We propose to send a competent babysitter along with you to back you up with the children. Contact us for more information for an optimal enjoyment of your holiday.

We are extending our services in the near future to include fun and adventurous workshops and outings for your kids. This new service is being proposed to you through our partnership with OAZURE, a company that specialises in the renting of villas in Mauritius.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Maid Service

We offer a customised “Maid Service”, following your requirements in terms of days and hours most suitable to you.

Our cleaning service will include a regular maintenance of your homes, as per your requirements. Our cleaning ladies will be undertaking the common daily tasks, including regular aeration of your rooms, dusting of your furniture, cleaning of your floors, keeping your kitchen and other rooms in a hygienic condition, ironing and cooking services amongst others.

The above list is not exhaustive and our cleaning ladies will customise the service according to your particular requirements. You will be required to communicate these clearly to the maid as soon as you get into an agreement with her.

The same cleaning lady will be assigned to you and she will perform her duties as per the frequency set by you.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

General Terms

We follow rigid and strict selection criteria for each of our intervening staff

They have to go through individual interview sessions and a detailed file is drawn up regarding each person who joins the agency.

We demand that they scrupulously observe all the terms contained in their agreements with us including the following: punctuality, kindness, respectful clothing, strict no-smoking rules, no private telephone conversations and strictly following the rules set by our clients.


Night Custody. The agency will send a competent baby sitter to take care of you children at night and in a regular fashion. In these situations, we deem it to be mandatory for parents to ensure that the following are available to the babysitter:
• Parents’ contact details
• Contact details of the family’s doctor
• The favourite toy of the child
• Any other information that you would deem to be important


Maid Service

The Service User should provide all cleaning products and accessories.

Kindly note that:
Minimum duration of any babysitter or maid intervention is 2 consecutive hours.
For all services the tariff increases by 100%, should you require this service on a public holiday and Sunday.

Do contact us for more details about what we can offer you.

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